Designing a Koi Pond: The Doís & Doníts

 Koi ponds are a thing of beauty. They are elegant and breath taking. There is nothing better than watching a swarm of koi in a feeding frenzy, or watching a large fish maneuver its way slowly through sparkling pond water. Many people get caught up in the idea of creating a koi pond, but never really spend the time finding out what it takes to make their pond successful.  The result: a huge gaping hole in their backyard, and a maxed out credit card. 

Below you will find the Doís and Doníts of designing a koi pond. 

R      Donít let anyone tell you that any old pond design will do!  Koi require specialized equipment and design features.  If you try to raise koi in a standard garden pond, they will likely fail to thrive and result in a huge, stinky, mess.

R      Do take into account size matters.  If you make your pond too small, you can actually stunt the growth of your koi. When designing your pond, you want to make it at least 6 feet deep at its deepest, with various slopes and shelves.  Also think about the shape of your pond - you want something that is pleasing to the eye and functional for your fish.

   R      Donít overextend yourself. The bigger the pond, the more money that it will cost to
           create and maintain. 

   R      Do choose a spot in your backyard that is both close to the house but away from any
           trees or other hazards. 

   R      Donít assume that all pond plants are alike!  Some of the most common plants are very
           poisonous to koi fish!  Others may throw the ecosystem of your pond off balance, and
           cause an overgrowth of algae.

   R      Do think about safety first.  When designing your koi pond, you want to think first about
           the safety of your fish.  Choosing building materials that will keep them safe is of utmost
           importance.  Second, think about your own family.  Small children are drawn to water,
           and you want to make sure that they are protected from the water's edge.  If your
           children are grown, think of grandchildren and the neighborís children when designing
           your pond.

   R      Donít pick just any old lining.  There are several different ways to line a koi pond, and it
           is important that you understand the differences between them.  Some will extend the
           life of your pond, while others will cause you nothing but heartache.

   R      Do buy your koi and pond supplies from a reputable dealer.  Find out where others are
           shopping, and go with someone you trust. 

   R      Donít skimp on a good filtration system.  You will want to have both a mechanical and a
           biological filter in place, and your pond design will need to center around your filtration
           choices.  Do your homework beforehand, and weigh the pros and cons of the different
           types out there.

   R      Do enjoy your beautiful koi pond when it is finished!


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