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We want our website visitors to always be aware of how we collect information, how we use it, and if your personal information is ever disclosed. 


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We respect your right to personal privacy as a visitor of our web site.  We only collect and use personal information at this website as disclosed in our Privacy Policy.  This statement applies solely to information collected at this website.  Our web server does not automatically collect any of your personal information i.e. your IP address.  The only information we collect is used to communicate with our customers and is never shared with any commercial organizations for any purpose.

We may occasionally use a site tracking software that informs us what keywords visitors used to get to our site but information is used solely for that purpose.  In order to receive the ebooks, visitors are required to give us personal details such as their name and their email address.  We never sell or give this information away.  This information is only gathered to contact the subscriber about services on our site for which he or she has expressed an interest.

We have an order form on our site.  We require personal information from the visitor on our order form.  A visitor must provide information such as their name and email address.  If there are problems processing the order the visitor is contacted via these methods.

We always use encryption technologies when receiving and transferring data exchanged with our website.  When we receive and transfer certain information of a sensitive nature such as financial or health information, visitors are redirected to a secure server.


If we change any part of this Privacy Policy we will post these changes to this Privacy Policy and any other places we deem appropriate.


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