Answers to Your Burning Water Garden Questions!

Water gardens can be a lot of work, and you no doubt have a ton of questions about the process.  Unfortunately, many pond supply stores donít really have a knowledgeable sales person on hand to answer your questions.  Some may know about setting up a generic pond, while others may know about koi fish, but it is rare to find someone that knows about both.  And throw in technical items like filters, skimmers, and biological media and you are likely to leave the store more confused than when you went in. Below you will find some of the most frequently asked water garden questions - enjoy!

R      Are ponds a lot of work to maintain?  If set up correctly they donít have to be.   The key is to understand how to pick the best filter for your money, and then do regular maintenance on it.  

R      Do ponds use a lot of water?  Again, not if set up correctly.  Much of the water can be filtered and cleaned and then returned back into the pond.   

R      Where should I set up my pond?  The choice is ultimately yours, but it is recommended that you keep it away from environmental and human hazards.   

R      How much does it cost to set up a water garden?  This depends on the size of pond that you want to create.  Smaller ponds can cost you less than $500 dollars, while large setups can cost you up to $15,000.   

R      Do I need a filter in my pond? YES!  Your filter is the only thing standing between you and a slimy, smelly mess. 

R      What is a biological filter and do I need one?  YES! A pond full of fish is full of both bad and good bacteria, a biological filter will help keep the two in balance and provide both your fish and plants with a healthy pond.  

R      Can I keep plants and fish together in my pond?  YES!  In fact, it is recommended. 

R      What kind of fish can I have in my pond?  This depends on your own personal tastes.  Hardy fish usually work best for outdoor ponds, my personal favorite is koi. 

R      Where do I go for more information on setting up a pond?  You can spend a lot of time searching in search engines and putting together bits and pieces or you can go HERE.



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